About Kung Fu Academy-1

Our school has a complete mind and body workout that will enable you to reach goals you never imagine possible. Our students excel in flexibility, endurance, strength, speed and concentration. Regardless of your age or current fitness level, our program allows you to progress at your own pace, as well as compete against yourself, and not others.

Our training blends the ancient Chinese Martial Arts techniques with todays need for fitness, conditioning and character building. Traditional Chinese training involves the sophisticated, graceful and powerful animal styles: Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, Dragon and Praying Mantis. KungFu Academy-I is not just physical, its about an overall positive outlook on oneself. Our students excel in atheltic, business, education and life!

TOTAL BODY- Our progressive fitness program develops each and every muscle, bones, and tendons in your body, building greater strength and health. Develop proper body conditioning in a fun safe way. In short, you will quickly notice and overall improvement in endurance, muscle development and flexibility.

TOTAL MIND-Failure does not exist, we forge ahead and overcome life's obstacles placed in our minds. You develop total concentration, focusing only on the present for optimal performance. Center your mind to be aware of self and your environment. Develop "breath control", tiring activities will seem effortless and "chi" internal energy force that increases, circulation, strength, and balance.

STREET SELF-DEFENSE-Our system prepares you for virtually any type of assault. Under the supervision of your instructor you will learn how to defend against Long range--attacks with a stick, knife or kicks; Mid-range --attacks with any type of punches thrown at you; and Close range --choke holds from behind or on the ground. Learn how to use every part of your body as a weapon to give you confidence against attackers.

Why Choose Kung Fu Academy-1?

Small classes insures students receiving individualized attention and direction.
students will understand each lesson "inside and out", knowing the theories of each move.
School rules on respect, control, and discipline are painstakingly reinforced.
Our students have succesfully taken first place in open tournaments against other styles.
Affordable rates, risk free, with two weeks free trial period & free uniform.

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